So apparently gravity was my biggest enemy yesterday as I fell numerous times while going about my day. My favourite, falling up the stairs while walking to the front door of my house. Thus proving, ladies and gentlemen, it is possible to “fall up”

Well anyway, aside from my adventures with gravity everything else was rather ordinary. I wasn’t able to head to the beach because my camera didn’t charge up in time so I decided to head to bed instead because I had a big day ahead of myself. Today it was too cloudy out to really get a good shot so I’ll wait until either Saturday or Sunday when it’s supposed to be sunny. On the plus side, I managed to find my way to the beach all on my own and for that I am proud of myself ^^

My student teaching session at CCRI went fine, they’re starting to prepare for mid-terms next week. I’m a bit concerned about my status though. Yes, I have a good job but I’m still not making the money that I really need and so I must find something else to do as well. The third session of the student teaching program requires me to take on a few classes to qualify for the spot in the fall but I can’t afford it at the moment. My next opportunity would be in winter, after that I would have to start the program all over again. So I’m a bit nervous about losing out on the progress I’ve already made. So that’s preying on my mind a bit. Also I would like to retake that Swedish language course I failed. (Well, I say I failed. Still haven’t opened the e-mail from last year to find out. It would be safe to assume I did though.)

I don’t have a lot of time at the moment before I have to head to work. I think I’ll just work on that secret project for Amanda until then. (Not so secret really. She knows about it, just not the details.)

  • Chris Ladd

    Keep your head up Trevor.