It’s that time again…

It’s been a long time since I have updated the website. So, I decided I should take some time to spruce it up a bit this week as that is part of my to-do list. I sit here writing this note wondering where to go from here, however this time around I actually have a plan of sorts. I have been wanting to get back into making videos recently. I haven’t touched my camera in about a month or so, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been making stuff.

Each video I filmed never came out at the level of satisfactorily that I would be comfortable with posting for the public to see and so they would be constantly scrapped and I would get annoyed about the whole thing. I’ve been trying to balance things in my life as well, so that has taken up quite a bit of time. I realize that I need to start doing some things for just me, even if it’s just every once in a while and working on media is something I love to do. I have some ideas that I have been wanting to try out and I think this week might be the perfect time to start working on them. I have commitments to uphold as well, but I will work on using some spare time when I get home from work to try to put something together for my Youtube channel.

I would like to get back to working on some smaller projects just for fun. I’m not a great photographer nor am I an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to take pictures as a hobby and have yet to take any this year. Also, I have been saving some origami projects that I have wanted to do as well. So, stay tuned for those updates. I should have something set up by the end of the week to post on here.