Proper planning and time management

I have great difficulty managing my time to allow me to do other things. I’ve always been this way, even as a kid. While I’m not as bad as I used to be, it is still evident that I have work that needs to be done. I have been trying to set a sleeping schedule for myself, something I really haven’t had for most of my life. Never really needed to honestly, even in my college days I had night classes so I could sleep through the daytime.

I planned to go to sleep around four in the morning and get up at about ten, my back starts to hurt if I sleep any longer than six hours anyway. So to me that is more than enough, certainly more than what I am used to getting anyhow. Thus far, I have barely accomplished it. I can count a total of three times I have awoke at the proper time.

The first time I woke up by accident because I thought I had work, in my dream I was late and had to hurry up and get dressed. I awoke and ran to the closet. Only after I put my suit on did I realize that it was morning and…my day off.

The second time, Amanda sent me a message right as my alarm was about to go off. I liked that day, we talked a lot and I got to see an update to her AMV project for the July contest at Närcon.

Finally, yesterday. I woke up at exactly 10:01AM, went over to my desk to get going on some papers for work…then…I fell asleep in my chair only to wake up again at 11:30AM

I’ll keep working on it though, I need more time to live my life and start enjoying it. I don’t want to sleep through everything. I have also started to focus on my to-do list. So far I have managed to finish about 20 items out of the 43 I had jotted down, so hopefully by Saturday I should have a more manageable amount left. Well, that is enough for now. I’m already late in heading to bed, but since this post is on scheduled publishing you’ll be reading this at a different time.